Updates to rnpm for 0.34

With React Native's 0.34 release, we get some neat improvements around the link command. Better logging makes it easier to spot unlinked libraries and we now have pre- and post- unlink hooks.

Better Logging

Sometimes someone adds a library but does not link it. Before React Native 0.34, if you wanted to identify a library that required linking, you would type react-native link. You would then be presented with a bunch of text that looked like this:

Wall of text

This is a bummer because you had to read a wall of text just to see if rnpm handled the issue.

Thanks to Gant Laborde, this release speeds up this process by adding a logging level that only logs for previously linked libraries. Now, if you’re in this situation, you can identify libraries that haven’t been linked “at a glance.” It looks a little like this:

Identify unlinked libs at a glance

Pre and Post Unlink

prelink and postlink, in case you didn’t know, are rnpm commands that are used to customize a plugin’s setup based on a user’s input. They are added to a plugin’s package.json like so:

"rnpm": {
  "commands": {
    "prelink": "./bin/requestGAToken",
    "postlink": "./bin/linkingSucceeded"

Before 0.34, there wasn’t corresponding preunlink and postunlink commands that could reverse any customizations that were made during the linking phase. Thanks to Geoff Goe, we now have these additional commands to round out our link hook toolset.

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